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Lakehouse Cameron Highlands – An Honest Review (Is it worth staying here?)

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands is a Tudor-style boutique hotel located in the Cameron Highlands, approximately 200 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur. It sits beside lush state reserve jungles on top of a beautiful, scenic hillside. The nearest town, Ipoh, is a 90-minute drive away. 

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
Entrance & parking area

The Lakehouse Cameron Highlands was built in 1970 by a retired British colonel, Stanley Foster. It has a sharply angled roof and a half-timbered exterior with vibrant red windows. With over 19 rooms and suites individually decorated with old-world decor, the Lakehouse is truly a unique place to stay. 

Arrived at the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

We were initially attracted to the Lakehouse by the rave reviews we read on the internet and decided to stay for one night as a respite from the busy city life. 

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
doenstairs lounge
Lounge at downstairs

We were indeed not disappointed when we walked in and immediately teleported to what felt like the beautiful English countryside. The ambiance of the hotel was incredibly charming. It didn’t even feel like we were in Malaysia anymore!

The staff greeted us with lots of kindness. After we checked in and waited in the main hall, they served us some welcome drinks as if we were the masters of the entire mansion. After that, we quickly checked into the room, taking in the stunning interior. 

One of the first things we noticed was the four-poster bed draped with silky linen, beckoning you to lay on it.

Lakehouse Cameron  room

Beside it was a wooden desk with a cool antique fan, a dark wardrobe, a flat-screen TV, and an espresso machine. 

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

The bathroom is equally sumptuous, fitted with black and white tiles and an entirely separate shower room and bathtub! 

Lakehouse washroom

Don’t miss out on watching the Lakehouse hotel review video! It is at the end of this article.

Exploring the garden of Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

After we surveyed our room, it was time to check out more of the beautifully designed Lakehouse. 

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
side view of Lakehouse
Lakehouse Cameron garden
Back gargen of lakehouse

The main building of the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands connects to a luscious green lawn with chairs, park benches, and wrought iron tables overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakar Lake.

relax at Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

The lake is a man-made creation that powers the hydroelectric dam nearby.

Sultan Abu Baker lake

The Foster suite is located in the Lakehouse wings along the hillside, perched on a slope right above the lake that overlooks that main building. It was once Colonel Foster’s residence but is now used as a luxury suite. 

The Foster suite

Foster suite
The Foster Suite
Foster suite 2

The interior

The interior of the building is covered in dark wood beams, ornate rocks, and beautiful antique furniture. There is also a reading lounge with a small collection of books and cozy armchairs perfect for curling up into.

library at Lakehouse

The lounge is an excellent place for drinks, catching up with friends, and relaxing by the fireplace. They also have several board games available for you and your company to have some friendly competition.  

The bar by the lounge is designed after an old English pub.

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
Lakehouse Cameron  outside of the lounge

The Lakehouse terrace

terrace at Lakehouse

Next to the bar is a terrace that serves afternoon tea and the famous Cameron scones. We sat on comfortable wicker chairs and enjoyed the excellent freshly baked scones. 

cameron scones
Cameron highlands scones

Next to the reading room is a small meeting room for up to ten people for more serious discussions. 

Lakehouse Cameron Highlands meeting room

Breakfast at Lakehouse Restaurant

The next day, we ate breakfast at the Lakehouse restaurant, open for breakfast and dinner. The breakfast is semi-buffet style, which means picking your main course from a selection of traditional English and local favorites. Other options are available, including a free-flowing salad, juice, dim sum, and fruit. 

restarurant at Lakehouse Cameron Highlands

They even have a natural honeycomb straight from the beehive that they take honey out of and service to you. 

breakfast at Lakehouse Cameron

During breakfast, we also found out with great surprise that they wash the cars of every guest!

Morning Guided Jungle Trekking

After we were done eating breakfast, we met up with our tour guide and set out on a morning hike into the lush jungle on the hill behind the hotel. 

Jungle trekking at Lakehouse Cameron Highlands
The jungle trekking trail

The hike was moderate to difficult due to the slippery slopes caused by the previous day’s rainfall. When you go, make sure you wear good hiking shoes and have a steady hiking stick!

Our tour guide showed us various flora along the trail and told us some interesting facts about the area. I definitely recommend taking a guide with you on the hike. The trail is not marked at certain parts, making it possible to get lost. It’s also much better to have a person knowledgeable about the trail so they can point out interesting things you would otherwise miss. 

Jungle trekking at Lakehouse 2

After hiking, we went back to the hotel and packed our luggage so that we could return to Kuala Lumpur. 

Nearby Attractions in Cameron Highlands

Staying at the Lakehouse Cameron Highlands puts you close to some pretty cool attractions. Besides staying at Lakehouse, we also spent a night at The Smokehouse Hotel, another Tudor-style boutique hotel that is considered a landmark of Cameron. You can check out the video we shot at The Smokehouse.

The Cameron Highlands is known for its strawberry farms, rose gardens, and lavender farms. 

Rose garden at cameron highlands
Rose garden

We also take the challenge to climb up to Coral Hill, one of the mossy forests remaining in Cameron.

coral hill cameron highlands
Coral hill

Lastly, you should check out the Boh Tea Plantation, where you can see exactly how the tea is grown and harvested into the famous Boh Tea brand. Pick up a couple of their signature brews to take home with you.

boh tea

We will publish another article about our trip to these tourist attractions once it is ready. 

Closing Thoughts

The Lakehouse was a beautiful and peaceful break from the hectic city life. The staff was super friendly, the decor was enchanting, and the food was quite delicious. 

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Lakehouse and highly recommend that you stay there during your next trip to the Cameron Highlands.

Booking and Contact

The best way to learn more about the Lakehouse in Cameron Highlands is to check out their website here. In addition, you can email the Lakehouse at

You can also book your stay on, which often has good deals. 

Watch our Lakehouse review video shot during our visit to the hotel.

If you have come so far reading this blog post, don’t miss out on the review video we shot during our holiday. Click the image below to watch on YouTube (shot in high definition!).

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