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About this blog…

This blog is all about how to take great photos with a mobile camera.

My name is KP Kwan, an avid photographer since I was twelve years old. I still remember using borrowing the old camera from my father to join the photography club at my school. Back then, we only took black and white photos, using hypo to develop photos in the darkroom. That was my first taste of the fun of photography, in the dinosaur era, sort of.

Fast forward to the world of digital photography, the equipment and techniques to take a photo are entirely different now. The DSLR and mirrorless camera almost wholly replace the SLRs. The advancement of the phone camera is so fast that it already rivals any entry-level DSLR.

Finally, I had made my decision to bring only my mobile phone during my last holiday trips to South Africa and New Zealand. It was a big decision for me. Feeling uneasy and insecure of not having my Nikon DSLR with me, I have to quickly learn how to capture the best images with my mobile phone camera.

The result was astonishing. It is of great satisfaction to receive rave review and praise from friends who saw my photos uploaded to social media. Many friends are surprised that the mobile phone camera takes all.

Posting great pictures on social media

Since then, I have taken a lot of time time to study how to use a mobile phone to take great pictures. I continue learning as much as I can to keep upgrading my skill. This blog is the summary of what I have learned, and I want to share with you so that you can take a much shorter route to improve your skill.

I hope this blog will eventually become an essential reference to any mobile camera users.

Let get started, and get to the homepage of this blog, which featured my recent article.

KP Kwan