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Pangkor Laut Resort – Paradise on a private island

Pangkor Laut Resort

Emerald water, white sandy beaches, jungle trails, luxury villas, personnel service, Pangkor Laut Resort has them all in one private island just fifteen minutes speedboat rides from the mainland.

Pangkor Laut Resort is located at the Pangkor Laut island itself, a 300 acres small island 1.5km to the South East of the main island of Pangkor. Since it is on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, it is not affected by the Northeast Monsoon from October to March and is open year-round. The resort was officially opened in 1994.

Arrived at the jetty

We drove from Kuala Lumpur, arrived at the Marina Island Jetty by noon, and parked at the guarded parking area less than 50 meters away from the Pangkor Laut Resort office. It cost us RM20 per day.

The hospitality started way before arriving on the island. Friendly staff offered us a welcome drink and sorted out all the required check-in arrangements.

Marina Island Jetty

They tagged our luggage with our name and room number, which was sent directly to our villa upon arrival.

Room tag for Pangkor Laut Resort

The speedboat departed from the Marina Island Jetty, reaching Pangkor Laut in just 15 minutes.

Pangkor Laut Resort jetty

Rooms and personal service 

Pangkor Luar Resort has about 140 villas with different views. We stayed at the garden villa facing the garden and sea. Sea villas are on stilts over the bay, and beach villas are right by the beach. The hill villas are nestled in the hills, perch on the slop, and overlook the bay and the whole resort. These villas are traditional Malay style, with high wooden ceilings, making us feel like staying in an idyllic Malay kampong (village) with luxurious amenities.

Sea villa of Pangkor Laut Resort

Mr. Segar, the Director of guest liaison, greeted us at the jetty with his professional and heart-warming hospitality. He showed us around the resort before ushering us to our villa. 

There are two sun chairs on the verandah, which had become our favorite spot.

two sun chairs on the verandah

Upon entering the room, there was deluxe bedding, huge bedside lamps, large TV, sofa bed, and welcome cookies on the desk.

two sun chairs on the verandah
Pangkor Laur resort hotel room
Pangkor Laur resort hotel room

Besides all those you expect by the five-star standard, there is an outdoor bathtub, a separate shower room, a separate dressing area, and my favorite-  Nespresso machine!

Pangkor Laur resort hotel room
open ari bothtub
expersso machine in hotel

I was dreaming of moving here to be our home.

Emerald Bay- the jewel of the crown of Pangkor Laut Resort

After checking in to our villa, we took the shuttle van to Emerald Bay on the other side of the island. The shuttle runs continuously from morning to 8 pm.

After five minutes, we are at the jewel of the crown of Pangkor Laut Resort, the Emerald Bay.

I vividly remember spending a night with school friends on its beach 40 years ago, watching the emerald waves lapping onto the shore. Today, I finally revisited this beach, packed with all the trappings of a world-class resort, with the beautiful scenery and its dual-tone seawater frozen in time.

Emerald Bay

The sky was brilliant white in the sunshine. The sea was two-toned turquoise emerald.

Emerald Bay

We could stay here for hours, listening to the song of the sea, and get away from the hurly-burly and stress of city life.

Emerald bay

We came back in the evening, strolling along the beach. It was near the golden hours, and the deep green and glittering blues slowly turned into golden orange stretches across the sea.

The beach I walked on was like an enchanting paradise, with gentle waves rippling gently to the shore.

Emerald Bay at Pangkor Laur Resort

I will surely come back to this spellbinding beach again someday.

Food and restaurants in Pangkor Laut Resort

Four restaurants at Pangkor Laut Resort were busy dishing out their culinary creations of various styles to tantalize the guests’ tastebuds.

Feast Village

Feast Village is near the reception of the resort. Here is where we had breakfast during our stay, included in the room package.

There are seats on the deck overlooking the bay and some open-air sittings out back in the garden. We chose to have breakfast at the outback garden facing the hill villas. 

Feast Village

They have an open-concept kitchen so you can watch the chef preparing your meals. Breakfast was buffet style, ranging from Roti Canai to salad, but they would send the food to our table to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. 

At night, we had dinner inside, which was air-conditioned. Our dinner was a local Rendang Tok with intense, savory, spicy flavor and beef stew. We both love Lim’s

Feast Village
Feast Village menu

Uncle Lim’s kitchen

Uncle Lim’s kitchen serves authentic Nyonya and Chinese-style dishes, named after the chef with the resort since its inception. The restaurant was initially located near the Sea Villas, but now with its new building next to Feast Village. It was the place for dinner on our second day.

Uncle Lim’s kitchen
Uncle Lim’s kitchen

Chapman’s Bar

Chapman’s Bar on Emerald Bay offers lunch only during our stay. The Bar is named after Spencer Chapman, a top British commando who made his final escape from the occupying Japanese during World War 2.

Chapman’s Bar

He crossed the line of the enemies disguised as locals and finally arrived at Pangkor Laut Island. He made his last escape by swimming 45 minutes out from Emerald Bay and finally rescued the Royal NavyChapman’se.

Chapman’s Bar

Chapman’s Bar sits on the powdery sandy beach of Emerald bay, serving various beverages and Asian/Western specialties. We had wok-fried beef Hor Fun and Makanan Laut Bersambal (a local spicy seafood dish) for our lunch.

Royal Bay Beach Club 

The Royal Bay Beach Club is only 50 meters away from our Garden Villas, overlooking the beach with an infinity pool beside it.

You can choose to dine inside or enjoy the sea view next to the pool. The club serves a mix of easy-eating Asian and Western meals and offers a wide range of beverages and cocktails.

The Royal Bay Beach Club menu

We had Island Prawn Roll and Salted seafood linguine as the starters, and also Hainanese Chicken Rice and Salted seafood linguine for lunch on the second day.

Hiking in the rainforest

After breakfast, we gathered at the library to meet our guide, Justine. He is an experienced naturalist who answers our questions about the fascinating flora and fauna along the trail. Since there were kids in our group, we took the shorter trail from the resort to Emerald Bay, about an hour of a slow hike. 

Hiking to Emerald Bay

We walked through the lush green forest from plank walk to narrow trails, mesmerized by the beauty of the 2 million years old jungle. Justine seemed to know everything surrounding us, calling out names of trees and explaining the traditional usage of various leaves.

hiking at Pangkor Laut Resort

Finally, we arrived at Emerald bay again, greeted by its azure waters and the sound of rolling waves.

The return trip was easy. We took the shuttle vans back to the resort.

Other activities to keep us busy

Our initial plan was to take a day trip to Pangkor Island, expecting there would be too much free time to kill during our 3D2N stay. However, we quickly brushed this thought once we discovered there were extensive activities and facilities to keep us busy.

The gymnasium is glass-walled, overlooking the garden and sea, and equipped with dumbbells and treadmills.

The playroom was fitted with table soccer, pool snooker, table tennis, and a dartboard.

Beside the playroom is the squash court.

On top of the squash court is the newly opened recording studio (karaoke). You can sing your heart out there.

recording room Pangkor Laut Resort

And the tennis court and basketball court.

tennis court and basketball court tennis court and basketball cour

Alternatively, you can swim at the infinity pool next to the Royal Bay Beach Club or go kayaking in the evening. Otherwise, relax and chill on the umbrella-shaded loungers.

infinity pool tennis court and basketball cour

We chose to relax in our villa as the weather turned sultry in the afternoon. Then friendly hornbills came to perch on the trees just before our verandah.


Wooden walkway at the Sea Villas

Pangkor Laut Resort

We decided to explore the Sea Villa in the evening. The villas are at the far end of the resort, built on stilts over the sea and linked by wooden walkways. The villas are designed to surrender the prime place to nature, with some parts built over rocky outcrops. It is a long walkway over half a km, leading to the Spa Villa, which was temporarily closed.

Wooden walkway at the Sea Villas
Wooden walkway at the Sea Villas

There were mischievous monkeys on the rock and numerous fishes swimming in the shallow water.

 mischievous monkeys on the rock

We enjoy the serenity, listening to gentle waves crashing against the nearby rocks, 

rocks at Sea Villa Pangkor Laut Resort

Sunrise & the early visitor

We took a stroll at dawn and pleasantly spotted a monitor lizard enjoying its sun basking along the beach. It was a gentle creature who did not bother about our presence. Finally, after five minutes, he graciously crawled back to the sea, swam slowly outwards, and disappeared. 

monitor lizzard

I walked to the jetty, setting up my tripod, hoping to capture the sunrise. 

The sun behind the mountain slowly revealed its warming rays, reflecting on the gentle waves to radiant gold, forming undulating paths illuminating the sea. It was an enchanting morning view.

sunrise at Pangkor Laut Resort

Check out arrangements 

Check-out is effortless. We call the concierge, and they will arrange to pick up our luggage and transfer it to the Mariana jetty. 

I looked back to the Pangkor Laut for the last time in the speedboat and was already quietly planning for my return trip someday.

Watch how we spent 3D2N at Pangkor Laut Resort

If you have come so far reading this blog post, don’t miss out on the video we shot during our stay at Pangkor Laut Resort. Click the image below to watch on YouTube (shot in high definition!).

Booking and contact

The best way to get more information about Pangkor Laut Resort is to check out their website. Here is the link:

Alternatively, check out, which will offer some incredible deals from time to time.

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