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Bilit Adventure Lodge – all you need to know to stay at BAL, Kinabatangan River (review)

Bilit Adventure Lodge (30)s

After spending two days in Sandakan, savoring the amazing food, and visiting the proboscis sanctuary and orangutan conservation center, our Sabah trip continued to Bilit Adventure Lodge at the lower Kinabatangan river.

We started our journey after lunch and arrived at about 4:00 pm at Bilit Adventure Lodge.


This article will focus on the lodge, and there will be a separate article about our river cruise and jungle walk.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (19)s view

Bilit Adventure Lodge is located at Kampung Bilit along the Sungai Kinabatangan river, the longest river in Sabah. It is an ideal place to experience how it feels to stay in the tropical jungle.

On arrival at Kampung Bilit, we must take a short boat ride across the Kinabatangan river to check in to Bilit Adventure Lodge.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (19)s river view

Don’t miss the video shot at Bilit Adventure Lodge. It is at the end of this article. 👇👇

Facilities in the room

Bilit Adventure Lodge (5)s outside chalet

The chalets are connected to the dining area by a series of boardwalks. Each chalet has four separate rooms. Our room is the superior room which comes with a queen-sized bed plus a single bed and an attached bathroom.

room tour 1

Our room was spotless, to our surprise, considering we were deep in the jungle.

A few tiny insects entered the room while we opened the door, which I found was an experience that enhanced the feeling of staying in the rainforest.

room tour 2

It has air conditioning and tea and coffee facilities. Besides that, the lodge also provides other basic amenities, such as toiletries and towels.

The hospitality triumphs 5-star amenities

In my opinion, the best experience is the hospitality that touches our hearts. 

We could feel they genuinely treated the lodge as their own, offered sincere services, and welcomed us just like their families.

chatting with the staff

Everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic that they did multiple jobs simultaneously with a smile. You might not even expect this human touch from a five-star hotel. 

Bilit Adventure Lodge meeting

Since my sister-in-law had an important meeting on one of the mornings, they arranged to share the internet so that she could attend an online meeting. Not bad that we still can connect with the outside world in the forest to attend to some important matters.

We even took a group photo with all the staff before we left!

group photo , Bilit Adventure Lodge

If we ever come back to revisit the Kinabatangan river, the hospitality will be the main reason for us to stay at this Bilit Adventure Lodge again.

Other facilities

The dining area is where everyone will interact and exchange their experience of the river cruises and jungle walks. The food served at the lodge is simple but tasty.

Bilit Adventure Lodge dining area
Bilit Adventure Lodge (12)s

There is a small bar in the dining area where you can order your favorite alcoholic drinks.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (13)s bar

And a small souvenir shop for you to get some mementos.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (14)s souvenier shop

The lodge also has a water filtering system to ensure the water supply is safe and clean.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (10)s water filter

Spot animals and birds right at the Bilit Adventure Lodge

Bilit Adventure Lodge is located in the rainforest wetlands, so it is pretty easy to spot animals and birds. Maroon langur, Bornean gibbon, and civet cats are among the animals you might encounter near the lodge.

The staff showed us the civet cat and a buffy fish owl that came here regularly.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (32)s owl
Bilit Adventure Lodge 2s civet

This place is also the natural habitat for proboscis monkeys, an endangered species only found in Borneo.

Activities at the lodge

Our guide brought us on a boardwalk in one of the mornings, identifying some small animals and explaining to us the species of some plants.

boardwalk at bilit adventure lodge

We also participated in the tree-planting activity in the garden.

Bilit Adventure Lodge (28)s tree planting

And batik drawing during our leisure time in the afternoon.

batik drawing, Bilit Adventure Lodge (17)s

River cruises and jungle walks

animals we saw today

We will upload a separate article about what we have seen during our river cruises at Kinabatangan river and the guided jungle walks. Over here, we want to show you a glimpse of what we have seen.

jetty at kinabatangan river

The cruise will bring you to the wildlife area for the Borneo pygmy elephant, the smallest elephant in the world. The night jungle walk was eye-opening as we would never have had the opportunity to see some nocturnal animals and birds if we had missed it.

Watch our video shot during our stay at Bilit Adventure Lodge . 👇👇

If you have read this blog post this far, don’t miss out on the video shot at the lodge. Click the image below to watch on YouTube (shot in high definition!).

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