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Belum Rainforest Resort – Stay at the Houseboat and Villa (best experience)

Royal belum

The Belum Rainforest Resort is located right at the fringe of Malaysia’s tropical paradise, the Royal Belum Rainforest. It is the perfect getaway destination for those who love incredible nature, stunning views, and fun adventure activities. 

Belum rainforest resort front view

You can choose to stay in either a villa or on a houseboat in the middle of the lake. Both are excellent options and sit right at the foot of the rainforest, which has remained untouched for centuries. Experience the beauty of nature in comfort at this incredibly unique resort!

Belum Rainforest Resort  houseboat aerial vide

Arrival at Belum Rainforest Resort

We had the amazing opportunity to spend three days and two nights at the Belum Rainforest Resort, where we immersed ourselves in the spectacular wonders of Mother Nature and visited some of the most beautiful landscapes we have ever seen. 

Belum Rainforest Resort  lake view

When we arrived at the Belum Rainforest Resort, located at Banding Island in the afternoon, we were graciously greeted by the resort manager. After a speedy check-in, we hopped in the buggy and rode to the resort’s jetty, where the houseboat crew was already getting prepared for our arrival.

Don’t miss out on watching our video about the Boathouse and Resort ! It is at the end of this article.

They offered us a refreshing welcome drink as the resort manager briefed us on what we should expect. He let us know that all internet and cellular signals would be automatically disconnected for the next two days. If you know someone will be messaging you, let them know before you lose your signal!

Our First Experience on the Houseboat

The houseboat is not docked at the jetty but floats in the middle of the lake surrounded by water. After you say your goodbyes to the resort crew, you will sail slowly away from civilization and move deeper into the vast jungle, entering a world with no other people except you. 

Belum Rainforest Resort  houseboat

Once we got settled in, we began to explore the many rooms on the houseboat. They are all located on the first floor of the boat, while the top floor is an open roof deck. 

Belum Rainforest Resort  boat deck

There is one master bedroom with a bathroom attached, one twin room, two rooms that hold five people, and two shared bathrooms. 

room at the house boat by Belum Rainforest Resort

Evening on the Houseboat

After our explorations, we sat on the chairs on the roof deck and looked out at the nature that surrounded us. It was remarkably serene and lovely. 

After a charming afternoon tea, we decided to have some fun on the lake while the crew prepared dinner. 

Belum Rainforest Resort  houseboat afternoon tea

The lake is very deep, so everyone is required to wear a lifejacket even if they know how to swim. We threw on some life jackets and had a lot of fun bamboo rafting and kayaking around on the water. 

Belum Rainforest Resort  rafting

The sun was beginning to drop lower in the sky, signaling it was time for dinner. As the last light of day kissed the horizon goodnight, we climbed back up onto the houseboat for the magnificent dinner the crew had made for us. 

Even though there were only 8 people, they cooked both a buffet and barbeque food. It was very yummy!

boat bbq

Following dinner, the crew organized a fun karaoke session where we sang into the pitch-black night that surrounded us. 

Belum Rainforest Resort  karaokje

boathouse only at night

Arriving at the Resort

The next day was spent adventuring to the Sungai Kooi Waterfall, the Sungai Papan saltlick, and the fish sanctuary at Sungai Ruok. After a thrilling action-filled day, we were treated to another round of afternoon tea. 

Azlanii room

We did not head back to the houseboat after that. Instead, we stayed in a standard room called Azlanii, which was very nice. It was a remarkably comfortable room that still enabled us to enjoy the surrounding nature. 

Azlanii room at Belum Rainforest resort

Another sumptuous buffet was cooked up for us at the resort’s restaurant. We filled our stomachs and were recharged in the peaceful resort environment. 

dinner buffet at Belum Rainforest Resort

Exploring the Resort

The next day we enjoyed a tour around the resort, courtesy of the staff. Various houses sit around the resort, each adding a touch of something unique. 

Kampong House

The Kampong House is built using traditional Malay designs. The nostalgic accommodation allows you to experience the simplicity of the ‘kampung’ ambiance with the luxury of modern comfort, all basking in the peaceful serenity of nature. 

view from Kampong house

Kampong house roon

Villa Tanjung Wan

For a larger party of people, Villa Tanjung Wan is a private and spacious luxury villa that holds over ten people.

Villa tanjung wan room at Belum Rainforest Resort

It is tucked away in a secluded area of the resort, giving it a quiet and relaxed vibe.

in front of villa tanjung wan Belum Rainforest Resort

All seven bedrooms are furnished with plush sofas, chandeliers, and fine decor. There is also a private infinity pool available to guests. 

The hall at villa tanjung wan of Belum Rainforest Resort

Swimming pool  at villa Tanjung wan

Villa Santubong

Nestled among the rainforest trees is Villa Santubong. It holds three bedrooms, a private pool, and a terrace facing out towards the lake. This small villa makes for a very blissful stay amongst the wonders of nature. 

santubong outside the hall

 Villa Santubong bathroom

Belum Rainforest Resort  Villa Santubong bedroom

Belum Rainforest Resort  Villa santubong terrace

Santubong bathroom villa santubong

villa santubong dining room

Activities at Belum Rainforest Resort

There are many activities available at the resort other than the ones we partook in.

We have a separate article on the outdoor activities at Belum Rainforest. Here are some spectacular places we visited.

Sungai Kooi Waterfall

Sungai Kooi waterfall 1 Royal Belum Rainforest

Sungai Papan fish santury

Sungai Ruok waterfall 2

Sungai Ruok saltlick

Sungai Papan mark by tiger
No Malayan Tiger, but we did saw the mark left by them

Other than the activities offered by the resort, there are a number of excursions available which you can learn about here.

Closing Thoughts

Staying at Belum Rainforest Resort allows guests to enjoy the stunning rainforest while experiencing the comfort of a luxury resort. You surely will not tire of the gorgeous views of the surrounding nature and the plethora of exciting adventure activities to keep you busy.  

Overall, we really enjoyed our stay at Belum Rainforest Resort and highly recommend that you stay there when visiting the Royal Belum Rainforest.

Belum Rainforest Resort houseboat with raft

Booking and Contact

The best way to learn more about the various accommodation options and experiences at Belum Rainforest Resort is by checking out their website here. You can also email the resort at or call 605-791-6800. 

Watch our Boathouse and Resort video shot at Belum Rainforest Resort during our visit.

If you have come so far reading this blog post, don’t miss out on our hiking trip to Sungai Kooi waterfall. Click the image below to watch on YouTube (shot in high definition!).

Belum rainforest resort video link

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