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Langkawi – 15 Things to do for a perfect 4D3N tour

Langkawi trip

Are you planning a trip to Langkawi? The gorgeous archipelago of Malaysia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Langkawi is blessed with clear, blue, pristine water; beautiful mountains covered in lush, green, and thick trees; and has a weather that is pleasant all year round. In addition, the underestimated archipelago is home to ninety-nine islands, most of which are unexplored, so tourists have the time of their life exploring Langkawi. From mysterious caves housing mangroves to magnificent mountain views that deserve to be on postcards, Langkawi is a stellar place to be. Langkawi is so gorgeous. It is known as the Jewel of Kedah, the Malaysian state. All in all, Langkawi is a beautiful destination that deserves all the attention in the world. So, if you’re heading to Langkawi, you’re in for a magical ride.

Make sure to watch our Langkawi video! It is at the end of this article.

When it comes to planning the perfect trip, no matter where what truly matters is how you can make the best of your trip, even if you’re there for only a few days. And when we’re talking about Langkawi, there’s no better way to explore the islands than taking a 4D3N trip. And if you’re hoping for a 4D3N itinerary that explores this gem of an island, you’ve come to the right place.

Below are the 15 best places to visit during your Langkawi trip.

1. Dataran Lang

Langkawi trip dataran lang

If you’ve been a little impressed with Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio De Janeiro, wait until you look at Langkawi’s Dataran Lang. Dataran Lang, or the Eagle Square, is a scenic spot in Langkawi; but while it is known for its breathtaking scenery, what also catches the eyes of tourists is its massive sea eagle statue. 

The statue stands at a whopping 12-meter height and is one of the first sights you’ll see if you’re coming in from the entrance. 

The eagle also represents Langkawi; the Malay words Helang meaning eagle, and kawi, meaning reddish-brown make this reddish-brown eagle the symbol of the archipelago. 

dataran lang

This starship plaza located in Kuah Bay is one of Langkawi’s most fascinating places. For those who are looking to take mesmerizing photographs and create memorable moments, Dataran Lang is the perfect place to be. Because it tends to get crowded, especially during peak visiting times, it is best to visit Dataran Lang early in the morning. Early morning is also recommended for those who want to avoid the midday heat. However, if you’re coming in later in the day, it’s absolutely fine; hanging around in the plaza is exceptionally relaxing because of the cooler temperature during the evenings. 

sunset at langkawai

Sunset is a must-watch at Dataran Lang as the amalgamation of various hues of purple, orange, yellow and blue beyond the massive eagle make for a very picturesque sight.

After watching the beautiful sunset, head over to your resort and tuck in the night, so you’re all freshened up for the morning.

2. Island Hopping

Your Langkawi trip is not complete if you skip the island hopping tour. Make your way to the jetty and book a boat tour to take your island hopping. If you want to go with a reliable, pocket-friendly charter that takes you on a detailed tour, the Tiger Line boat line is recommended. Ask for Andy, and he’ll book you some of the best boating tours of the islands. Our tour operator offers tour guides who will let you know all about what you’re seeing and answer each question.

A. Dayang Bunting Island

dayang bunting langkawi tour

The first destination during the first island hopping tour is Dayang Bunting. Dayang Bunting, or the ‘Pregnant Maiden,’ is a mountainous island known for its unique landscape.

dayang bunting lake langkawi trip

The shape of the mountain looks fascinatingly similar to a pregnant woman laying down for a rest and makes for a slightly amusing scene. Dayang Bunting is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Geoparks, and if that doesn’t tell you how lovely the island is, I don’t know what will. 

dayang bunting langkawi trip

Across the Geoforest Park at Pulau Dayang Bunting, a 10-minute trek through the thick trees takes you to the main lake, a fascinating spot for people to relax, swim, and kayak. It also holds a fascinating culture; many locals believe that infertile women may regain their fertility if they dip in this freshwater lake. You can spend the rest of the day swimming and boating in the lake.

B. Beras Basah Island

pulau beras basar
pulau beras basar at langkawi

Spend an hour at the Beras Basah, an island of pearly white sand and turquoise water. You can spend the time swimming in the refreshing water or making sandcastles. Getting a simple tan or relaxing under a coconut tree will do for those who prefer to be lazier. 

3. Nasi Dagang Pak Malau

Nasi Dagang Pak Malau

You’ll be starving so head over to this underrated restaurant that serves some of the most delicious meals you’ll ever eat. This small neighborhood restaurant is known for its Nasi Dagang, a dish you cannot miss.

The food is mainly traditional Malay food, with the fish gulai as one of the main attractions. Its special rice called nasi kandar is cooked with fenugreek seeds and various spices, something you can only get in this restaurant.

Nasi Dagang Pak Malau

You can dine in the restaurant or bring your food to the gazebo in the backyard, facing the rice field, and enjoy the warm sunny breeze while having your lunch.

4. Makam Mahsuri

makam mahsuri at langkawi

A five-minute drive from the restaurant, Makam Mahsuri is a historical place that comes with a dark history. It is believed that a beautiful woman named Mahsuri married a chieftain’s brother, but the chieftain’s wife became jealous and spread rumors about Mahsuri’s loyalty to her husband. As a result, Mahsuri was banished and sentenced to death here. But people from all over Malaysia frequently stop by here to pay their respects to the spirit of Mahsuri, and now it has become an intriguing place to be. 

A Mahsuri well here is known to make its drinker beautiful.

kedah hours at makam mahsuri

Don’t miss the Kedah house not far away from the Mahsuri well. This is the typical Malay house that most people live in Langkawi during the era of Mahsuri.

mahrusi well

5. Sky Cable Car

 Sky Cable Car station at langkawi

The next day, take the infamous SkyCab, a Langkawi cable car service that takes you to the top of the mountain in Langkawi. SkyCab takes you on a scenic route overlooking Langkawi Sky Bridge and the archipelago’s gorgeous landscape; an aerial view of the islands is an experience you can’t put into words. 

cabel car langkawi trip

We highly recommend purchasing the ticket online to spend your precious time enjoying the scenery and exploring different viewpoints on top of the mountain. The queue at the ticketing counter can be quite long during the holiday season.

6. Sky Bridge

Sky Bridge

From the middle station of the cable car, you can get a full view of the sky bridge. But hang on, I am sure you want to walk on the bridge, so take another cable to reach the top to climb the Sky Bridge. 

The breathtaking bridge overlooks the archipelago and gives you views for days. When you reach the top station, you will be guided to the bridge, also counted among the world’s largest curved suspended bridges. 

Sky Bridge during our langkawi tour

If you’re not afraid of heights, take a glimpse down the glass patches and marvel at the height. 

7. Oriental Village

langkawi trip

When you come back down, head to the Oriental Village at the base station to calm your adrenaline-filled nerves. From souvenir shops to unique Instagrammable spots, the Oriental Village is a relaxing place to go. If you’re a sucker for local cuisine, the Oriental Village is where you’ll get mouth-watering delights.

8. 3D Art Langkawi

3D Art Langkawi

Just a stone’s throw from the Oriental Village is the 3D Art Langkawi, a gallery where you can take a look at the impressive local art and take pictures against the 3D interactive backdrops. 

3D Art Langkawi

9. Telaga Tujuh Waterfall

telaga tujuh waterfall

A scenic and natural path takes you to Telaga Tujuh waterfall, which cascades down from approximately 90 meters above. Now it is during the dry season, so the volume of value of water is relatively less.

telaga tujuh waterfall

You only need to walk about 200m from the entrance through a paved walkway to reach the bottom of the waterfall. Then, walk up a few more hundred steps if you are adventurous to stand on top of the waterfall, taking a breathtaking view from above.

10. Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach at tanjung rhu

On your way back, head to Black Sand Beach at Tanjung Rhu to take unique photographs that will act as the perfect ice-breakers on dating sites. There are several beaches along the way, but Black Sand Beach is one you can’t really miss.

Don’t forget to visit Tanjung Rhu beach, only a few minutes walk from Black Sand Beach.

Tanjung Rhu beach at langkawi

And when you are hungry, stop at Scarborough Fish and Chips, a quaint cafe that serves local and international cuisine. Enjoy the sunset dinner against the spectacular backdrop.

11. MARDI Agrotechnology Park

mardi during our langkawi trip

Take a soothing, guided fruit farm tour and explore the fruit orchards of heavenly fruits, including durians, rambutans, and star fruits at Mardi during your Langkawi trip.

fruit buffet at Mardi

At MARDI, you can eat at a delicious fruit buffet while the guide demonstrates how to make an origami grasshopper out of only one fruit leaf.

grape at Mardi, langkawi
feeding fish catfish

MARDI will take you to its grape vineyard, where you can pick till you get tired, and later, you can head to the freshwater pond to feed the catfish.

12. Kompleks Kraf Langkawi

Kompleks kraf langkawi

Kompleks Kraf Langkawi is a cultural hub that contains handicrafts, clothes, souvenirs, artwork, and woodworks of Malaysian craftsmen. So if you fumble about where to get the perfect gift for your relatives back home, this is the answer you’re looking for. 

muzium warisan

There is a Muzium Warisan (Legacy Muzeum) in the complex, where you can learn about Malaysian culture, history, and heritage through the various exhibits.

13 Berjaya Langkawi Resort

 Berjaya Langkawi Resort

You need a good night’s sleep and a comfortable place to reenergize for the following day during your Langkawi trip. A private beach, Berjaya Langkawi Resort is the perfect place to take a romantic stroll. When you get tired of exploring and want just to take a breather, this gorgeous beach transforms into the ideal retreat. 

 Berjaya Langkawi Resort

It’s also a mesmerizing spot for a romantic picnic or, if you’d like, dinner at the nearby Thai restaurant, Pahn Thai. Over here, you can choose to take a seat facing the Andaman sea, watching the sunset while enjoying your dinner.

pahn thai  restaurant at  Berjaya Langkawi Resort
sunset at  Berjaya Langkawi Resort

14. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park mangrove tour

A UNESCO World Heritage Geopark, Kilim Geoforest Park, is a naturalist’s dream come true. The geopark offers private tours, but once again, if you go with Tiger Line, you’re bound to get a seat. The boat trip will travel along the river, flanked by mangrove forests all around. From there, you can make several stops depending on where you want to go.

A. Fish Farm Restaurant

horseshoe crab

While you can choose to omit this, visiting the fish farm restaurant is a magical experience. From learning about how fish are farmed and meeting horseshoe crabs to eating, the fish farm restaurant offers a fantastic experience.

B. Crocodile Cave

Crocodile Cave during our langkawi trip

Made for adventurists, the crocodile cave is an arched cave that acts as a natural tunnel and was developed in limestone. Since the Crocodile Cave can only be explored if there’s a low tide, make sure to check in with the locals about the best time to visit.

C. Eagle feeding experience

Eagle feeding experience

When you get to the other side, you can take some time off in the water to eagle feed at Pulau Singa Besar, where the swarm of eagles is coming towards you. This is one of the best things you must do in Langkawi.

You will spot two types of eagle, the Brahminy Kite Eagle and the White Bellied Sea Eagle. Take note of the belly of the White Bellied Sea Eagle, which is the same eagle statue at the Dataran Lang.

D. Karstic Hills

Karstic Hills

The Kilim Karst Geoforest also includes the Karstic Hills, a vertical rock formation of limestone cliffs dating back 500 million years and presenting dramatic but ethereal backdrops.

E. Bats Cave

Bats Cave

A place where Batman would thrive, Bat Cave is the home of hundreds of fruit bats that hang from the cave’s ceiling. You can capture the caves but make sure you don’t disrupt the bats.

15. Other attractions

A. If time is allowable, other attractions you may want to consider are the night market at Kuah Town. However, it only opened on Wednesday and Saturday, so it did not fit our itinerary.

B. Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) is a 2 km long magnificent beach at the western shoreline of Langkawi. There are all types of water sports available and bustling food stores and shops along the main street. Don’t miss out on this place, especially if you stay at one of the many resorts here.

How to get there and move around

The easiest way to go to Langkawi is by flight if you come from Kuala Lumpur or any other part far away from Langkawi. It has an international airport which means there are direct flights from certain countries.

Upon arriving, one of the best ways to get around is to rent a car. You can request to pick up the car at the Langkawi airport. Since many tourist attractions are at different locations, it can be expensive to book a taxi or e-hailing. Do note that it is right-hand drive in Malaysia, but the traffic in Langkawi is not heavy, so it is pretty easy to drive here.

If you decide to drive to Langkawi, remember to book the ferry ticket, which takes your car to Langkawi from Kuala Perlis. The cost depends on the size of the vehicle, but the most crucial part is to book the ticket in advance, or you may not be able to bring your car to Langkawi, especially during the peak holiday season. You can check out the link here for the ticket.

Watch how we spent our wonderful time during our Langkawi trip!

If you have come so far reading this blog post, don’t miss out on the Langkawi trip video we shot during our holiday. Click the image below to watch on YouTube (shot in high definition!).

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