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Petronas Twin Towers – The iconic landmark of Kuala Lumpur

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Petronas Twin Towers is the iconic landmark that you must visit when you arrive in Kuala Lumpur. 

Located in the heart of the city, they were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004. Today, they remain the tallest twin towers in the world. It was opened on 1st August 1999.

The Petronas Twin Towers is also known as the Petronas Towers and Menara Petronas in Malay. The unique architecture is the Skybridge joining both towers at levels 41 and 42.

Petronas Twin Towers day
The Skybridge is not attached to the towers, but are bolted to level 29 of each of the towers

Entrance fee

The entrance fee is RM80 per person for adults, with several concessions to the seniors, child, and Malaysians.

Since the number of visitors per every session is regulated, the ticket was sold out the first when we visited the Twin Towers. We managed to get the tickets on another day. Since the number of visitors is limited to one thousand per day and is on a first-come, first-served basis, it’s better to purchase online in advance.

Ticketing counter of Petronas Twin Towers
The ticketing counter was quiet, only was told that all the tickets have sold out.

Only 45 minutes per session 

Each visitor is allowed to tour the towers for forty-five minutes. You need to line up at the entrance fifteen minutes before the designated time slot as printed on the ticket 

The visitors are divided into small groups of about twenty people each. Each of us is given a colored tag that indicates our time slot.

After a short briefing, we took the high-speed lift to the Skybridge at level 41.

check in area of Petronas Twin Towers
Line up at the check-in area.


Our tour guide explained to us that the Skybridge is a double-decker joining the two towers at levels 41 and 42. It is the highest double-decker bridge in the world to date.

The Skybridge is a stand alone structure that is not attached to both towers. There is a gap between the bridge and the main structure on both sides.

There is a two hinged arch that supports the Skybridge with arch legs, which are bolted to level 29 of each of the towers.[

It is designed in such a way because of both towers can sway a little during strong wind, and the gap will allow the bridge to sliding in and out to prevent it from breaking.

Skybridge at Petronas Twin Towers
The gap (about ten inches] between the Skybridge and the tower.

We were given ten minutes to walk one the bridge and to take pictures on both sides of the bridge.

Skybridge of Petronas Twin Towers 2
The interior of the bridge.

The Skybridge is 192 feet from the ground and 170 feet long. Both sides of the bridge are made of glass panels so that you can observe the stunning scenery. One side of the bridge is overlooking the KLCC park, whereas the other side is the bird’s eye view of the busiest commercial district of Kuala Lumpur. It was raining not long ago, so the pictures I took are tinted with some raindrops :(.

Overlook KLCC Park from the Skybridge
On the left, overlooking KLCC PARK.
City center of Kuala Lumpur taken from the skybridge
On the right is the commercial center of Kuala Lumpur.
This is the short video about the Skybridge at the Petronas Twin Towers.

The observation deck

After touring the bridge, we took a different lift up to level 86, then change lift again to arrive at the observation deck. We were given fifteen minutes to stay here.

Unlike the Skybridge, which you can only look out to both sides, there is 360 degrees view at the observation deck. Over here, you can get a closeup view of the other tower with KL Tower at the distant far. The steel structure of the tower glistened in the evening sun, and every line is demarcated clearly.

You can also get a closeup view of the tower’s spire.

Spire of the Petronas Twin Towers
The spire of the tower.

There is also a digital display and exhibit of the tower’s history inside the observation deck.

Observation deck
Digital display about KLCC development is at the center of the observation deck.

There are skyscrapers everywhere stretching out in all directions.

Skyscraper taken from the skybridge

We need to return to level 86, then take another lift to the ground. This level is where you can get some souvenirs.

The interior of the Observation Deck.

There is an illuminated panel showcases the height of other towers in the world compared to Petronas Twin Towers.

level 86 of Petronas Twin Towers

We were back to the ground after forty-five minutes. After leaving the Petronas Twin Towers, we were back to KLCC Suria, one of the most prestigious shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur. The complex also houses the Aquaria, the biggest aquarium in Malaysia, and the Petrosains, an interactive science discovery center dedicated to the field of petroleum science. We will visit these places one day and present them to you in a separate article in the future.

Useful information

Address: Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur.
GPS: 3.1582087, 101.7120236
Opening hours: 09:00 – 19:00 (closed for Friday prayers 13:00 – 14:30)
Entrance: RM80, various concessions are available.
Dress code: smart casual
Parking: The nearest parking area is at KLCC Suria.
Others: Selfie stick and tripod are not allowed for security reasons.
Official website:

The location of Petronas Twin Towers