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Malaysia Boleh – Street food haven in Kuala Lumpur

Finally, I am at the Malaysia Boleh, a street food haven for tourists and locals situated right in the city center of Kuala Lumpur. It is located only three minutes walk from the Petronas Twin Towers and opposite another shopping complex called Avenue K.

The operator handpicked all the reputable hawkers and invited them to open their stores here. You will have the luxury of trying all the best street food in Malaysia in one visit. Anybody who visits Malaysia is only complete after trying all the famous Malaysian Chinese street food. You can savor everything at Malaysia Boleh. 

Malaysia Boleh @ Four Seasons Place
The interior of Malaysia Boleh

What’s the meaning of Malaysia Boleh?

Boleh is the Malay word which means ‘can’. This phrase is a slogan widely used by the locals, which refers to Malaysian is capable of doing anything. This name has perfectly reflected the spirit of the operator that now everyone can enjoy the best Malaysian Chinese street food under one roof. 

The ambiance and decoration

Although it is located in the commercial building, the design is a replica of the 70’s Kopitiam (coffee shop) style, with round marble tables, classic floor tiles, and wooden chairs. The old Chinese pop songs from the era of the ’60s and ’70s are playing softly, which enhances the whole nostalgic feeling. The songs from the veteran singer Huang Qing Yuan were playing through my visit. It makes you feel like traveling back in time and evokes those pleasant memories when we were still a teenager. 

nostalgic interior of Malaysia Boleh
Clean and tidy compared with the roadside stores.

There’s also a mural inside the food court, which depicts daily life after Malaysian in the 70s. 

Mural at Malaysia Boleh
The mural inside the food court

Street food at its best 

The owner of Malaysia Boleh must have taken the quality of food seriously. The stores in the food court are chosen from different towns of the country, representing their unique hawker-style food at their best. 

Here are the most delightful dishes we have tried. 

Malaysian Chinese street food
Fried oyster, Hokkien mee, pork porridge, and curry mee

Cantonese style pork and century egg congee, KL Hokkien mee, Penang Fried egg with oyster and Curry mee 

There are many more stalls which you can choose apart from what we have tried. 

The famous chili pan mee
Prawn mee store
Penang prawn mee at Malaysia Boleh
The Hokkien mee and laksa store
Fish ball noodles
The fishball and rojak store

Reasonably priced

The overall price is slightly expensive than the roadside stalls. However, the taste is nothing less than any famous hole in the wall hidden gems at the back alley. Over here, I can enjoy my favorite food in a sparkling clean, air-conditioned with comfort. 

The congee we ordered cost RM9.50 (about USD2.40) quite a hearty portion compared to the regular size served at the roadside at a lower price. 

Most of the Hawkers who operate at the stores are the locals, which is a stark contrast to many street food stores downtown that relies heavily on foreign workers as the cook. I think that’s why most of the stores over here can maintain a high standard as the store owners are hands-on in their cooking.

Loca hawker at the Malaysian Boleh Food Court
Hokkien mee and wanton mee store

Try the typical Malaysian breakfast 

Besides the food court, there is a separate corner at Malaysia Boleh with the standard Hainanese coffee shop setup. Over here, you can find the most popular Malaysia style breakfast – kaya toast, half-boiled egg, and Hainanese coffee. Make an effort to try this set of breakfast when you visit Malaysia. Kaya (coconut jam), half boiled egg (soft boiled egg with ground white pepper and soy sauce), and Hainanese coffee (dripped coffee with condensed milk) are rare outside this region. It is also the perennial breakfast staple for most of the Malaysian. 

Hananese coffe at Malaysian Boleh
Old coffee shop selling Hainanese coffee and kaya toast
Kopidian style decoration at Malaysia Boleh Four Seasons Place

My verdict 

KL is not only a melting pot of culture. It is also the food haven of the unique Malaysian Chinese food. One should not miss the opportunity to experience the diversity and distinctive flavor which you can only uncover in Malaysia. At Malaysian Boleh, you can sample all the excellent street food in Malaysia without traveling to various states of the country.

The authenticity is validated and approved by numerous locals who patronized this outlet. I highly recommend you to include Malaysia Boleh on the itinerary when you plan to visit Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Chinese street food
Malaysian Chinese street food

Useful information

Address: B1-01B, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place, 145 Jalan Ampang Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 50450 Kuala Lumpur,
GPS: 3.158280, 101.713788
Opening hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm daily
Entrance: RM80, various concessions are available.
Dress code: smart casual
Parking: First hour RM 5, subsequent hour RM 4 on weekdays
Phone number: 03-2856 8566

The location of Malaysia Boleh