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Panoramic photos with mobile phones- how to get the best result

Panorama mode of the mobile camera app is an underused feature that has multiple usages. it is a great feature to capture panoramic photos.

This article will show you how to use the panorama mode to capture images in different scenarios, apart from only using it to take panoramic photos. Primarily, you can use the panorama mode to simulate the effect of the wide angle lens of any DSLRs.

Creating an image with a panoramic view was the privilege of the high-end camera and those who are proficient in post-production of images. In the digital age, you can create these images with only the mobile camera in seconds.

This article will show you how to get the best out of the panorama mode, which has become the standard feature of the mobile phone camera. Some of these are the out of the ordinary way to capture the images.

Let’s get started.

Taking wide angle scenery photos

Have you ever try to take beautiful scenery but cannot fit into one picture? The objects can be either a large city square or a beach or a range of mountain.

Using the panorama mode is the most convenient way to capture the wide-angle view without the need to stitch multiple images with the post-production software.

1. Taking group photos when there is limited space

Use the panorama mode to take a group shot with a large group of people in a small room, where there is no space for you to stand further from the group.

2. How to Shoot Vertical Panoramic Photos with Your Mobile Phone

You can use the panorama mode to take a tall subject, for example, a tall building or tree when you are unable to capture the full view at where you intend to take the picture.

Note: Try to use the HDR mode of your camera to take scenery with high contrast. It makes a big difference!

3. How to Clone Yourself Multiple Times in One Photo on Android

Have you ever wonder how do those photographers manage to make the same objects appear multiple times in the same photo?

Of course the same object can be superimposed by using the post-production software, but in fact, you can do it easily by using the mobile phone camera in just a few seconds.

Follow the steps below to have the same person appear more often once in the same photo.:

  • Let the person stay still while doing the panorama shot to avoid blurring.
  • Once you pan the camera until the person is out of the frame, stop panning.
  • Ask him to run around the back of the camera and stay still again at another position which is still out of the frame.
  • Once this is done, continue to move the camera to capture the same person for the second time.
Yield: Panoramic photo

How to use a panoramic photo with a mobile camera

panoramic photos

This is the step by step guide how to take a perfect panoramic photo

Active Time 1 minute
Total Time 1 minute


  • Any mobile phone camera


  • Any mobile phone camera.
  • Tripod.


  1. Before you take the panorama shot, do a test run. Se the camera at panorama mode, pan the camera as you are taking the photo but do not press the shutter button. The test run will let you know the position you start and also the endpoint.
  2. Start to capture the image by pressing the shutter, then pan the camera from left to right at a steady speed.
  3. Keep the camera steady while you are taking the panorama photo. There is an arrow that will move when you start panning the camera. Try to keep the arrow on the line to keep it steady. If you think you do not have a steady hand, place the phone on a tripod. Otherwise, look for something that is steady and will swing, such as the doorknob, gate, etc.
  4. If you pan the camera to slow, you may end up with overlap images. If it is too fast, you may veer off the course, and the camera may abort the photo.
  5. Most of the mobile cameras have a mode to change from horizontal to vertical panning. If you want to pan from the opposite direction, overturn the camera to change the direction.
  6. once you reach the endpoint that you have pre-determined, tap the shutter again or reverse the direction of the motion to stop the panorama mode


Our eyes are seeing things with a wider angle of view than most of the standard phone camera lens. As a result, the camera is only able to capture part of what you see. In the panorama mode, the camera will capture

Here is the step by step guide on how to take the panorama shot with your phone.

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