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Gasing Hill (Bukit Gasing)- The best place for hiking in Kuala Lumpur (update 2023)

Gasing Hill’s New Entrance – July 2023

Gasing Hill is the green lung between Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. It is a secondary forest stretching more than 100 hectares. Visitors may not be aware that this lush jungle was once an abandoned rubber plantation.

It is also called hutan pendidikan Bukit Gasing or Bukit Gasing Forest Reserve.

Thanks to nature’s miraculous power of nature. This area, surrounded by the concrete jungle, had been restored into the sanctuary of various flora and fauna in the past sixty years. Today Gasing Hill, as the locals call it, has become the haven of hikers and nature lovers. 

Every Saturday and Sunday morning, Gasing Hill is packed with hikers, mainly the residents strolling along the jungle tracks and city dwellers looking for a real recharge and listening to nature’s rhythm after a hectic week. 

Update: In July 2023, we revisited Gasing Hill and were pleased to see that the entrance refurbishment had been completed. The pathway has been significantly improved, enhancing the overall appearance of the hill. Additionally, we noticed the addition of new signboards at various locations, providing helpful directions for visitors.

1. The Entrances

Gasing Hill 2022 main entrance
Gasing Hill entrance before July 2023
Chairs and stools at the fork of the trails

A hiking haven for everyone

Gasing Hill is an excellent place for family outings and activities while appreciating nature’s beauty and spiritually listening to the earth’s melody. Visitors are from all walks of life, colors, young and old, even mother cradling babies and seniors walking with their dogs. 

You will feel it is more of a nature park than a forest because of the number of visitors and the amenities. (Benches for you at specific points). 

Gasing Hill has multiple entrances. The main entrance is off Jalan Gasing of Petaling Jaya, with a simple archway. The other two are at the Kuala Lumpur side of the hill, referred to as the back entrance. There are a few smaller trails that lead to some tar roads.

a. The Main Bukit Gasing Entrance- The Archway (GPS: 3.095368, 101.656155)

The other side of the entrance (before July 2023)

There is insufficient parking space at the entrance. You may park along the roadside. However, a small parking area is about a hundred meters from the entrance.

Gasing Hill 2022 car park
The small free parking area.

There is a toilet in the free car park. It also has the facility to clean your shoes after hiking.

Gasing Hill 2022 toilet
Gasing Hill 2022 wash shoe
You can wash your shoes here.

b. Pantai Hill Park entrance (GPS: 3.103800, 101.661053)

The second entrance is from Pantai Hill, Petaling Jaya. The trail starts at the opposite side of the road, right in front of Saville @ The Park, Bangsar. There are plenty of parking lots along the way leading to the trail.

Hill Park entrance 1

Hill Park entrance 2
The trail’ entrance

c.  Entrance from Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi (GPS: 3.096630, 101.662852)

Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi 1

Steel bridge
Steel Bridge at Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi: (GPS: 3.096630, 101.662852)

This entrance is less popular, but getting into a parking lot is easier. It is also where the Steel Bridge is located. Right after crossing the steel bridge is a garden before entering the woods.

Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi
Right after crossing the steel bridge is a garden before entering the woods.

A beautiful garden is at the entrance to Gasing Hill from Taman Rimba Bukit Kerinchi.

d. Entrance from the Indian Temple (GPS: 3.0920672844443646, 101.65868695996757)

Another entrance is behind the Maha Sivan Alayam Temple.

You need to go to the back of the TM Bukit Gasing, just next to the temple, to get into Gasing Hill. However, I was told that someone would build a house at the entrance in the near future, which may make it inaccessible).

Gasing Hill 2022 Temple entrance 1
The entrance to the trail.
Gasing Hill 2022 Temple entrance 2
Coming out from the trail, looking at the TM Buit Gasing.

e. Entrance from the suspension bridge (GPS: 3.1042591895141887, 101.65795988978425)

The final major entrance is just next to the suspension bridge. However, you cannot park your car here as it is a residential area., but you can hike in and out freely.

Hnging bridge entrance

2. The trails and places of interest inside Bukit Gasing

There are many trails at Gasing Hills, but you won’t find any real peaks on the hill.

Soon after you cross the main entrance archway, the pavement will eventually turn into nature’s pathway. Here you will be greeted by different trails. These trials will join at specific points in front as they are relatively close. 

Some of the sections of the trails have steps, but you still require a certain level of fitness to climb.

Take the 15-minute pavement walk into the woods, eventually emerging from the garden’s other side.

Bukit Gasing trails with steps

a. The suspension bridge

The trail is ideal for hiking. If you start your hike from the Main Entrance, you will pass by the trail with the Labah-Labah signboard and up the famous “cardiac hill” full of steps and steep climbs. It is also called the stairway to heaven, which requires a certain energy level.

Enjoy the scenery slowly, which will take you to the suspension bridge.

hanging bridge

b. The peak of the hill 

Gasing Hill 2022 observation tower

The highest point is only 160m above sea level, which is relatively low by any standard. This place is a vantage point of Gasing Hills, which was once a watchtower. It is now a favorite pit stop for hikers.

A vantage point at Bukit Gasing

c. The abandoned house

There is an abandoned house (somewhat creepy) midway. Take the fork leading you to the trails deep into Bukit Gasing.

The abandoned house at Gasing Hill

d. The border of Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

Gasing Hill 2022 sempadan

3. Others

a. Signboards

Gasing Hill 2022 trail sign

There are many trails in Bukit Gasing, irrespective of your fitness level. There are undoubtedly insufficient signboards and maps at Gasing Hill. So far, I have only found two maps and a few signboards along the trail. Fortunately, this is not a big jungle, and many trails will eventually join at a certain point. Here are a few favorites spots for hikers.

Signboard at Gasing Hill
Jambatan Gantung means suspension bridge. But I still couldn’t find it until I asked for the direction from the regular hikers because there were a few more forks unmarked in front.

One of the few signs showing the distance to the entrance, yet it is unofficial.

An unofficial signboard in Bukit Gasing
One of the few signs showing the distance to the entrance, yet it is unofficial.
Gasing Hill 2022 flower
Photo of some lovely flora.

b. Internet access

There is Internet access at most of the spots inside the hill. My Google Map worked even when I walked through the trail with the least hikers towards the Hindu temple.

Internet access Gasing Hill
There is Internet access at Gasing Hill.

c. Trail map

You can get a detailed trail map of Bukit Gasing by using popular apps such as Komoot and AllTrails. The internet signal is pretty reliable in most of the park, so you get the trail map with any mobile device.

3. Facilities

a. Benches and stools

There are plenty of benches along the trails where you can rest. I mentioned that it feels like a nature park more than a jungle. 

Benches at Gasing Hill

b. Shelter

Planing your trip here during the dry season is best, but tropical rain can be unpredictable.

A sudden downpour is causing us to scramble for shelter. This shelter is one of the few at Gasing Hill, about 250 meters from the entrance.

A shelter at Gasing Hill

4. Interactions

Walking along these stupendous trails, you will bump into people who like nature. Most of the conversations I overheard were about nature, travel, health, and occasionally business-related.

People are courteous. So we’re exchanging numerous ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Thank you,’ and ‘Welcome’ greetings when we face head-on at the narrow trails.

Friendly hikers at Gasing Hill
Friendly people I met

5. Other places to visit

If you love nature, parks, and gardens, you will likely enjoy visiting another park in Kuala Lumpur. You can read more about Lake Garden here.

6. What to bring

There aren’t many facilities at Gasing Hill. Bring along some drinking water and wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes. 

There is no toilet in Gasing Hill. Make sure you use the lavatory somewhere else before entering their Hill. The nearest is at a car park about one hundred meters towards the left of the entrance if you’re facing outside the hill.

There are many mosquitoes, so remember to bring along the insect repellant. I do not encounter any leeches here. 

7. How to Get to Bukit Gasing Forest Park?

Address: Bukit Gasing, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Geographic coordinates:    Main entrance: 3.095138, 101.656131.
Opening hours: Always open.
Go by taxi: the Best way is to take a taxi as there is no bus and MRT to Bukit Gasing
Best time to visit: Arrive before 10 AM to avoid crowds.
Dress code: No specific dress code
Entrance fee: Free

Entrances to Bukit Gasing
1. The main entrance, 2. Pantai Hill entrance 3. Taman Rimba entrance

Other images of Bukit Gasing

Entrance (GPS: 3.095368, 101.656155)
Pantai Hill entrance to Gasing Hill

Lembah Pantai Community Center (GPS: 3.103800, 101.661053)


Suspending bridge at Gasing Hill
Suspension bridge at Gasing Hill

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Joyce Gaffud

Tuesday 6th of October 2020

Hi On October 18 2020 is open? Were planning to go for hiking. Thank you


Wednesday 7th of October 2020

I am not sure but was told by hikers that the entrance is blocked at this moment, but please validate it.


Monday 27th of July 2020

I went up the same entrance as u. But ended up just u turn at Taman Rimba Bridge. Wanted to go to the suspension Bridge but I somehow missed it.

Might try again soon.


Tuesday 28th of July 2020

HI Jian, It will take a bit of a walk for the Taman Rimba bridge to the suspension bridge. If you enter from the Main Entrance (The Archway), it is much nearer. Kwan