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Chinggis Khan Statue Complex of Mongolia- what you will see

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex of Mongolia- what you will see

It’s day five of our trip to Mongolia. Yesterday, we checked into Alungoo Ger, a beautiful Ger camp, and had a great time. The following day, after breakfast, our coach brought us to Chinggis Khan Statue Complex, which took us over half an hour to reach. It’s located on the roadway connecting Nalaikh and Erdene at a spot known as Tsonjin Boldog. 

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex

We could see the massive Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue in the distance as we approached the main building.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex of Mongolia- what you will see

The entrance fee for the Chinggis Khan Statue Complex is as follows: Adults:  20,000MNT, Children: 3500 MNT.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex entrance fee

Once inside, we were welcomed by modern sculptures and the famous giant boot.

(Inside the complex)

We took photos before the 9-meter-high Mongolian boot, known as “gutal,” a significant symbol of Mongolian culture and history.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex of Mongolia- what you will see, giant boot
(The 9-meter-high Mongolian boot)

The museum

To enter the museum, we descended one floor using the stairs on the right side. Inside, we explored archaeological findings from the Bronze Age and viewed artifacts related to the Xionglu Empire. 

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex  museum

There is an image of Under Gongor in the museum. He was a man in early 20th century Mongolia who suffered from gigantism disease. He was measured 2.45 meters (8 ft).

Under Gongo in th emuseum
(Under Gongor)

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex museum

The equestrian statue of Genghis Khan

The highlight of the visit was getting a close-up photo of Chinggis Khan’s statue at the head of the horse. Despite the availability of a lift, I chose to climb several flights of stairs due to the large number of visitors. Even the narrow staircase was crowded with people.

life going up to the horse's head of Chinggis khan statue
(People were waiting their turn to go up with the lift)

At the top, a few more stairs led to a viewing platform offering an excellent view of Chinggis Khan’s Statue and the surrounding area. It provides a wonderful vantage point for capturing panoramic photographs.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex

The statue shows Chinggis Khan with a golden whip, representing the important event that predicted his rise to power and the founding of the Mongol Empire. In Mongolian culture, the whip is a significant tool for herding, riding, and discipline. Temüjin’s discovery of this whip was a crucial moment that influenced Mongolian history.

view form the viewing platform

If you position yourself to face away from the Chinggis Khan statue and then look to the direction of two o’clock, you will see the statue of Chinggis Khan’s mother gazing back toward her son. 

The statue of the mother of Chinggis Khan- Hoelun.
(The statue of the mother of Chinggis Khan- Hoelun)

We only stayed for a few minutes at the horsehead because too many people were trying to take photos, and the space was limited. So, we decided to visit the souvenir shop on the same floor. (This complex has two souvenir shops; one is on the ground floor, and the other is on the top floor.) The shop had various items, from traditional Mongolian crafts to modern souvenirs.

souvenir shops
(Souvenir shop)

Since there were still many visitors, I descended back down. Then, I returned to the ground floor, exited the complex, and admired the entire structure from the outside.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex

It’s the world’s largest equestrian statue of Genghis Khan. The 40-meter (130 ft) tall statue, made of 250 tonnes of stainless steel, was erected in 2008 to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Mongol Empire. Sculptor D. Erdenebileg and architect J. Enkhjargal created and built the sculpture. It stands on a 10-meter-high base surrounded by 36 columns representing the 36 kings of Mongolia, from Genghis Khan to Ligden Khan.

Chinggis Khan Statue Complex of Mongolia- what you will seem entrance gate
(The entrance gate)

I returned to our coach before leaving the complex., There are some smaller statues on top of the entrance. Our guide told us that these are the statues of the nine generals of Chinggis Khan.

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