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White water rafting in Gopeng- Fun adventure at Kampar River

White water rafting in Gopeng, Malaysia, is an exhilarating experience for everyone, whether you’re an expert seeking adventure or someone looking to pump up their adrenaline. No matter your skill level, there’s something for you during this thrilling activity in Gopeng.

During our visit, we chose to stay at Adeline Villa, an eco-friendly villa nestled deep in the forest, with a stunning backdrop of the mountain range and a flowing river that offers various thrilling outdoor activities. Our stay in Gopeng wouldn’t have been complete without the exciting white water rafting expedition in the Kampar River.

1. Preparations for our Sungai Kampar rafting

White water rafting in Gopeng

After enjoying a sumptuous buffet lunch at Adeline Villa, we eagerly prepared for our thrilling white-water rafting adventure on the Kampar River. This was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated highlights of our trip, as the Kampar River is renowned as a popular destination for whitewater rafting in Perak. Our experienced guide informed us that the rafting trip would involve navigating through 11 exciting rapids, making it an exhilarating 1.5-hour journey.

To get to the starting point of the river trip, Adeline Villa thoughtfully arranged for a four-wheel drive to transport us to the meeting point.

White water rafting in Gopeng

Upon arrival, we received a thorough safety briefing from the tour operator on properly wearing a safety helmet and life jacket. Our helmets had to be the right size, ensuring a snug fit by tightening them until only two fingers could pass through. This way, they would stay securely in place even if the boat capsized and we tumbled into the river. The same attention to detail applied to our life jackets, which needed to be fitted correctly so that, in an emergency, the lifeguard could effortlessly pull us up from the water. The last thing anyone wanted was the lifeguard holding onto a loose, slipping life jacket while we drifted away. We also wore rubber shoes, making walking in the river easy. Safety was a top priority, and we appreciated the meticulous instructions to ensure a safe and enjoyable rafting experience.

White water rafting in Gopeng

It was fantastic to have boatman Beto with us, who patiently checked the jackets and helmets of the first timers before embarking on the thrilling rafting adventure. He also helped attach my spectacles with a rubber band to prevent them from being washed away in case of strong currents or capsizing. Our knowledgeable guide also took the time to explain some basic commands, ensuring we knew what to expect during the rafting trip.

Watch the video we shot during our white water rafting 👇👇.

2. Embarking on the river adventure

White water rafting in Gopeng

White water rafting in Gopeng

White water rafting in Gopeng

After the briefing, filled with excitement and a hint of anxiety, we hopped into the raft as the boatman gently pushed it into the river. Since we were required to paddle when instructed by the boatman, getting wet was almost inevitable. As a result, our best option for capturing memories was to use a waterproof camera or GoPro. I decided to rely solely on my GoPro for the trip; fortunately, it proved a great choice.

White water rafting in Gopeng

With a group of about ten boats, one after another, we began our thrilling journey down the stream. The rushing water added to the excitement, and we were ready to embrace the adventure.

At the beginning of our rafting journey, the rapids appeared quite tame. As we passed the lush rainforest, our trip leader, Beto, informed us it was a warm-up for the more ferocious ones ahead.

The expedition company had done an excellent job, with photographers strategically positioned along the river to capture memorable moments for us.

3. A thrilling ride through the rapids

White water rafting in Gopeng

Throughout the trip, our boatman shared many nicknames for the rapids, each reflecting the situation we encountered. For instance, the Broken Dam Rapid was situated just after a broken dam. Beto explained that the water level could surpass the dam’s height during the rainy season, making the chances of capsizing at this rapid nearly 100 percent. It was a thrilling and challenging experience.

Another rapid was Easy Drop, where the boat effortlessly descended through the rapids. We were fortunate not to capsize, but unfortunately, some other rafts ahead of us were not as lucky.

Then there was Paddle Breaker, where our skillful boatman skillfully navigated through massive boulders and strong currents. At times, some rafts became stuck between the rocks at this rapid. However, with excellent teamwork and coordination between the boatman and passengers, they could free the rafts and continue their thrilling journey down the river.

Our rafting adventure was packed with excitement, and the names of each rapid truly reflected the exhilarating and unforgettable experiences we had on the Kampar River.

Next is the High Side Rapids, earning its name from the potential to lift and flip the raft on one side.

Next, we encountered the Raja Brooks rapid, though we needed help figuring out why it was named as such and didn’t spot any Raja Brooks butterflies during our rafting trip.

As we crossed some of the rapids, a few rafts overturned. Surprisingly, some passengers even asked the boatman to overturn the raft under close supervision to ensure safety purposely.

We took a well-deserved fifteen-minute break in a shallow, calm water section at the halfway point. Here, some passengers enjoyed a quick dip and swim. The organizer also provided us with mineral water to keep us refreshed.

Our final challenge was the Rock Garden rapid, marking the endpoint of our white water rafting adventure.

We snapped photos on a swing that made it look like we were hanging in the middle of the river.

Upon reaching the ending point, we thanked our skilled boatman, whose expert maneuvers prevented any capsizing.

4. A relaxing evening at Adeline Villa

Our driver from Adeline Villa, who had taken us to the starting point, awaited us there.

The adrenaline started to subside after the thrilling ride, leaving us all exhausted.

Returning to Adeline Villa, we showered, changed, and prepared for the buffet dinner at six pm.

5. Enjoying the thrilling moments on the Kampar River

The Gopeng white water rafting proved to be an exhilarating experience overall. It pumped up our adrenaline, especially when navigating the strong rapids. We couldn’t help feeling worried about the boat capsizing due to the forceful current. However, we found reassurance in the capable hands of our skilled boatman, whose expertise kept us safe throughout the journey. Besides, traveling as a team with several boats allowed the boatmen to support each other whenever needed. This teamwork contributed to our perfectly safe trip, filled with fun, screams, and laughter, creating lasting memories to cherish. This thrilling water rafting adventure is a must-try outdoor activity for anyone at Adeline Villa or other lodges in Gopeng, Perak.

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Watch the video we shot during our white water rafting 👇👇.

We also upload a video we shot during our white water rafting. Please click the image below to bring you to our YouTube channel (shot in high definition!). You may also want to check out our visit to Adeline Villa and Gua Tempurung in Gopeng.