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Sukhbaatar Square (Chinggis Square) | Ulaanbaatar city tour

Sukhbaatar Square (Chinggis  square) | Ulaanbaatar city tour, giant bronze statue of Sukhbaatar

Sukhbaatar Square is the central square of Ulaanbaatar and the capital city’s most prominent landmark. It was a sunny day when we arrived, and few people were around. Our guide, Enerel, took us around and introduced us to the surrounding buildings and the square’s history.

We spent about half an hour there, walking around the square, and ended up at a nearby shopping mall before heading for dinner.

Sukhbaatar Square is surrounded by important buildings such as the Government House, banks, theaters, and the post office. The square is named after Damdin Sukhbaatar, who declared Mongolia’s final independence from China in 1921.

Giant bronze statue of Sukhbaatar
(Giant bronze statue of Sukhbaatar)

A bronze equestrian statue of Damdin Sükhbaatar, the “hero of the revolution,” stands at the center of the square on a high pedestal. Sukhbaatar is depicted riding a charging horse and calling his people to battle while pointing above.

The square is characterized by a giant bronze statue of Sukhbaatar riding a horse, flanked by statues of Mongol Empire leaders, including Genghis Khan. In 1946, the statue of Sukhbaatar was erected in the center to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the People’s Revolution.

Sukhbaatar Square (Chinggis  square) | Ulaanbaatar city tour, statues of Mongol Empire leaders, including Genghis Khan
(Statues of Genghis Khan in front of the Parliament House)

Sukhbaatar Square is a popular gathering place for both locals and tourists. It hosts various events and activities, including rallies, ceremonies, rock concerts, and festivals. The square is especially lively during holidays and when high-level politicians visit the city, transforming into a carnival vibe with military parades, marching, and horseback riding. The square is also home to the Parliament House, which faces south like traditional Mongolian gers and features a giant window-clad building.

Sukhbaatar Square or Chinggis Square?

In 2013, while under the control of the Democratic Party, the Ulaanbaatar City Council decided to rename Sukhbaatar Square to Chinggis Square in tribute to Genghis Khan.

However, numerous Mongolians disfavor this name change. Following the MPP’s victory in the 2016 elections, the square’s name was reverted to Sukhbaatar Square.

Prominent statues at Sukhbaatar Square

A massive statue of Genghis Khan, the founding father of Mongolia, is positioned in front and center of the square, surrounded by his third son, Ögedei Khan, and grandson, Kublai Khan.

Sukhbaatar Square
(Equestrian statues of Muqali and Boorchuud, two of Genghis Khan’s most devoted generals, stand guard on either side of the Genghis Khan statue.)

Other landmarks around Sukhbaatar Square

Sukhbaatar Square , Zero Point of Ulaanbaatar City
(Zero Point of Ulaanbaatar City)

We stood at the Zero Point of Ulaanbaatar City, which is at the center of the square, facing the Parliament of Mongolia. Moving clockwise, the main buildings are as follows: 

  • Government buildings. This building houses the Parliament of Mongolia and features an inner courtyard with a ceremonial ger hosting visiting dignitaries.
Sukhbaatar Square

  • Cultural Palace: A 1970s Soviet-style building that contains the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery and other cultural institutions.
  • State Opera & Ballet Theatre: A salmon-pinkish building in the square’s southeast corner.
State Opera & Ballet Theatre:
(State Opera & Ballet Theatre)

  • Central Tower: A light-colored colonnaded building that houses luxury shops.
  • Central Post Office: Across from the Mongolian Stock Exchange, this building is a prominent landmark of Ulaanbaatar.
Central Post Office
(Central Post Office)
  • Mongolian Stock Exchange Building: This building is a significant financial hub in the former Children’s Cinema.
Mongolian Stock Exchange Building
(Mongolian Stock Exchange Building)

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