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Kanching Waterfalls

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Kanching Waterfalls (Hutan Rimba Kanching) is located next to Templer Park, another forest reserve at Rawang, a small town about forty minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur city center. 

Its proximity to the city makes it easily accessible nature’s haven popular among hikers and picnickers. There are seven cascades of waterfalls starting from the first one, which is a five-minute walk from the parking area. Walkways are leading to the first three, whereas jungle trails begin after the third, which requires a reasonable level of fitness to climb.

Entrance and parking

Since Kanching Waterfalls is located at the forest reserve, there is no public transport you can take to reach here. 

The best option, in my opinion, is to drive (foreign visitors can rent a car, right-hand drive in Malaysia). The GPS (3.2988182, 101.6193392) will lead you to the parking area.

The parking fee is RM4 per entry. There is no entrance fee applied.

There are cafes and toilets facilities. 

Kanching waterfalls entrance
Parking area and the cafe

The walkways to the waterfalls is on the left of the shops and the cafe.

The walkway towards the first level
The walkway towards the first level of the water cascades.


Kanching Waterfalls has a remarkable height of 120m divided into seven cascades. 

The first three levels are easily accessible by the cement walkway. This walkway leads to the second level, which is the most popular destination.  

Walkway to level one and two

Kanching Waterfalls- level 1

There are seven waterfall cascades situated in this forest reserve of nearly 500 hectares. The first two are located close to the entrance. It is ideal for family outings and picnics with kids and elderly since it only takes five to ten minutes to reach by strolling along the cemented walkway.

The first waterfall is rather small, sheltered by the trees at the surrounding. It is not too crowded as visitors will usually not settle here, but prefer to walk deeper into the forest to explore various spots. 

Waterfalls level 1
Level 1

Kanching Waterfalls- level 2

There are some basic facilities here, but the changing rooms and toilets are poorly maintained. The water is shallow and safe, as it had turned into a man-made pool. 

You can make use of the picnic gazebos if you come early, as it can become quite congested when approaching noon, particularly during weekends.

Kanching Firest reserve level 2
Level 2


I arrived early in the morning, and this place was so tranquil. September is the dry season, so the water cascade is small. 

I took about ten minutes of a slow walk from the entrance to arrive here. So far, I still have the feeling of being inside a park than a forest reserve until this point.

The walkway ends not too far after level 3, where you start entering the rainforest.

Waterfalls level 3
Level 3

KANCHING WATERFALLS – Level 4 and above 

There is where the physical challenge begins for visitors who live a sedentary lifestyle. There is only woods seclude you from the rest of the world. No house, no buildings, no roads, only the endless winding trail with plenty of natural obstacles.

A pair of hiking shoes is recommended, or at least wear your best walking shoes.

winding trail at kanching eco park
Trail to level 4

The last bridge 

Most casual visitors, especially with kids, will not venture beyond level 3 where the walkway ends. 

After hiking along the trails with several steep climbs, you will arrive at a knee depth pool with a bridge. This bridge is the last man-made structure before exploring farther into the jungle. 

Not many people here. I only met with a young couple reclining in the shallow water of the pool, enjoying the sound of nature – the flow of water orchestrates a relaxing melody. 

the last bridge at level 4
The bridge at level 4


There aren’t signboards at each cascade, so I am assuming that this is level five based on my counting.

It took me ten minutes to hike up from the last bridge at level 4. The trail is steep and unclear at several turns. I highly recommend you to climb up to this level as this is the best place among all the levels. You can just listen to the sound of the water cascading down and enjoy the hypnotic music of nature.

Youngsters were swimming and wallowing in the clear water pool.

Some boys let the curtain of white water tumbled down over their body as if it were being poured from a giant bucket filled with an endless supply of water.

Kanching Waterfalls level 5
Level 5


If you want to explore further upstream, the trail becomes increasingly slippery and uneven rocky steps. I need to use my hands where the path rises in steep, and roots are criss-cross and gnarled. It also becomes unclear as it snakes around in the depths of the forest.

I stop at level 6 because the trail is a bit dangerous to trudge in the muddy path and slippery rocks.

September is the dry season in Malaysia, so there is no roaring water tumbling down. Still, it is the best of all levels for relaxing and enjoy the tranquility and serenity bought by the silky cascade.

level 6 of Kanching waterfalls
Level 6

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Useful Information

Address: Kilometer 17, Jalan, Jalan Rawang, Templer Baiduri, 48000 Rawang, Selangor
GPS: 3.1530442, 101.7038086
Opening hours: 6.00am to 8.00pm
Entrance: free
Bus from KL Sentral: Take bus No. 150 to SL389 Hutan Lipur Kanching, Templer Park. But you still need to walk about 15 minutes to reach Kanching Waterfalls
Parking fee: RM4 per vehicle
Things to bring: Insect repellent (there are leeches during the rainy season)

The location of Kanching Waterfalls