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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is the home of more than 3000 local and foreign birds set in a sprawling valley. It is only 10 minutes from the city center, stretching approximately 21 acres of verdant valley terrain. I was a bit skeptical initially but was blown away by the varieties of birds and the size of the free-flight zone, which is as big as a mini zoo.

ticketing counter the kuala lumpur bird park
The ticketing counter

Tickets are RM63 each, with a discount rate of RM18 for the locals. Card payments are accepted. It is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm. You’ll be given the map of the park when you purchase the ticket.

The park is well maintained and clean during our visit.

You can get the map of the park at the ticketing counter.

Feeding session and bird show

KL bird park is divided into four zones. I spent about 3 hours strolling in the morning. The weather is cooling, but by the time it noon, it becomes hot. It is advisable to check the weather forecast before visiting the park, as most of the areas are located outdoor.

The design of the park is essentially a 1-way route. You enter Zone 1, then Zone 2 and briefly back Zone one, enter in Zone 3 and 4, and finally back to Zone 1 to exit. 

Once you enter the park, check the schedule of the feeding session and the bird show so that you don’t miss them. I managed to catch the feeding of the stork but missed the show at the amphitheater.

I was just in time to witness the feeding of the yellow bill stork, night heron, and the cattle egret. The peacock was also joining the party.

Feeding seesion
Feading session at Zone 1

Most of the birds can fly freely

parakeets are in the cage
Parakeets are behind the fence.

Although the highlight of the KL bird park is the free flight setup for most of the birds, there are still some of them are living in the enclosed section and cage.

KL bird park peacodk 2
The male paecock was showcasing his feather.
The flamingo pond
The Flamingo Pond

KL Bird Park – An oasis within the city

The bird park is an oasis within the city. It is quiet, tranquil, which is an excellent place for family weekend outings.

KL bird park with family

A tranquil gem for a reprieve from the noise of the city. There are lots of Instagram worthy scenic spots for photography.

It is a fun and relaxing place to visit, especially for families with kids. Birds are let free in the aviary in most of the areas.

It is highly recommended to arrive in the early morning and note when the next feeding sessions will be.

Kids love the place as they can interact with the birds, as most of them are not afraid of people.

There are birds everywhere in this world’s largest free=flight walk-in aviary. Most birds are free-roaming In the aviaries.

zone 3 of the bird park
The grey crowned crane and yellow-billed stork roaming freely.

Zone 3 and 4

KL bird park zone 3
Each zones are separated by a double gate.

There are some cafes and kiosks you can hang out, which mainly sells drinks and ice creams. There’s a Hornbill Restaurant inside the park, which is supposed to sell some hot and cold. However, it was closed during my visit.

water aviary
The waterfall aviary at Zone 4

There are 20 different species of parrots, macaws, cockatoos, lories, and parakeets at zone 3.

parrots in the Kuala Lumpur bird park
An Eclectus parrot
Spot the cockatoo eating sweetcorn.

The bird gallery and education station are at zone 4, but they are pretty small.

ation station
KL bird park showtime

Besides that, that is an amphitheater where regular bird shows are performed. I had just missed the show when I arrived.

peacock gift shop
The last stop is the Peacock Gift Shop, and the exit is just next to it.

There is a gift shop selling a range of children’s gifts and soft toys, but I skipped because I am not super excited about souvenirs.

A place for everyone

Overall, it is an excellent place for weekend outings for families as well as for bird enthusiasts. I highly recommend you include the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park into your travel schedule when you visit Kuala Lumpur. You can also take the opportunity to tour the botanical garden, the Butterfly Park, and the national monument, all within a few minutes’ drive.

Take the virtual tour

I have produced a 10 minutes video, shot with a high resolution during my visit. You can take your virtual tour here:

Note: If you have a problem playing the video, you can click this link to watch on YouTube.

Location of Kuala Lumpur Bird Park